1. Date: March 15, 2014

2. Place: Central Bucks South High School

3. Participants: Boys and Girls, grades 2-12

4. 3 on 3 half court basketball

5. Round Robin format (every team guaranteed at least 3 games)

6. One commemorative t-shirt for every participant

7. Entry fee: $25 per player (3-4 players per team)

8. Application downloadable on the website below

9. Application due March 8, 2014 (send to address on application form)

10. Any questions, write to sbutler345@gmail.com

Our 16th YEAR as a charity scholarship tournament

 Round robin format

MARCH 15, 2014

All teams will be guaranteed at least 3 games with each division leader participating in an additional  championship game.

All times set before the tourney starts- easier planning for parents!

Central Bucks South High School

Folly Road

Warrington, PA

Application form

Please note!!

  • The application deadline has been extended to March 8!!
  • If you are worried about any time conflicts with other games, we will make every effort to schedule your games so you can play (please put your conflict on your application). If we cannot make it work, you will be notified before the tourney and you will receive your money back.
  • The tourney starts about 9:00 with the younger ages. 
  • Games are 15 minutes running clock.