1. Date: March 21, 2015

2. Place: Central Bucks South High School

3. Participants: Boys and Girls, grades 2-12

4. 3 on 3 half court basketball

5. Round Robin format (every team guaranteed at least 3 games)

6. Games are 15 minutes running clock

7. One commemorative t-shirt for every participant

8. Entry fee: $100 per team (3-4 players per team)

9. Application downloadable on the website below

10. Application due March 14, 2015 (send to address on application form)

11. Any questions, write to sbutler345@gmail.com

Our 17th YEAR as a charity scholarship tournament

 Round robin format

MARCH 21, 2015

All teams will be guaranteed at least 3 games with each division leader participating in an additional  championship game.

All times set before the tourney starts- easier planning for parents!

Central Bucks South High School

Folly Road

Warrington, PA

Application form

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